It is time Take Down the Anti American Subversives trying to Destroy The Republic.

I know President Elect Donald Trump has called for draining the swamp in Washington DC when it comes to lobbyist and special interest undermining the will of the people influencing our elected representatives to vote against our best interest. That is all good and dandy. It needs to be done. It does not go far enough bringing needed reform. The Trump DOJ must go further than Prosecuting Bill and Hillary hoping to convict them sending them to prison. They were just puppets of the oligarchs. We have to go after the financial backers behind her source of power. The true puppet masters that pulls Bill and Hillary’s strings.

We have another swamp that also needs to be drained that is just as bad or even worse. A real threat to our national security. That is these tax-free foundations like the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. The Carnegie Endowment and George Soros’s various foundations with the sole purpose to undermine and overthrowing our constitutional form of government. Just to name a few culprits behind these anti-American movement to take down our republic.

These foundations fund NGO’s that bribe local governments to be under UN agenda 21. These foundations back La Raza, Lulac, encouraging illegal immigration trying to alter our demographics to influence our elections with a permanent underclass as cheap labor and a voting block dependent on government. They back mayors and city councils who govern sanctuary cities protecting criminal illegal aliens from being picked up by I.C.E. to be deported. These anti American foundations have their testicles in everything.

These foundations that who have massive funding to work against the best interest of the United States and the people through many front groups must not be allowed to continue much longer. They are dangerous to the security of the republic and must be taken down.

George Soros funds Black lives matter with the sole purpose to destabilize the nation to overthrow the government to bring in a communist type of tyranny by funding riots and local politicians who will undermine the rule of law to aid and abet in taking down the country. George Soros and the DNC are behind funding thugs to beat up Trump supporters at his rallies and those who voted for him on election day.

These foundations are behind anti second Amendment groups trying to disarm the American people. They are behind the North American Union trying to subvert our national sovereignty erasing our borders with Canada and Mexico. America will not be great again until this threat is removed.

Our Bill or Rights is not a suicide pact to allow the enemies of our republic to use the first Amendment as a weapon against the republic for the purpose of undermining our national security. There is a fine line between lawfully protesting and petitioning our government for redress of grievances without disrupting the government’s ability to work and treason, sedition and insurrection to destabilize making it impossible to govern the country so President Obama can call for martial law after declaring a national emergency. A possible strategy to suspend the Inauguration of Donald Trump being sworn in as President as a way to stay in power indefinitely.

Russian President Putin thew out these NGOs out of the country or making it mandatory these international organizations to register as foreign agents to curtail these groups from trying to overthrow the Russian federation. He seen the threat these foundations pose funding these NGOs have if left unimpeded. President Trump through the DOJ must grab the bull by the horns and take down foundations controlled  by the oligarchs before they do anymore harm to this country.

I hope the Sessions DOJ will use the R.I.C.O statues and the insurrection Act to shut down and Prosecute the people in these foundations and bring these operatives to justice who seek to overthrow the republic. Including the oligarchs. No one is above the law.

When Donald Trump is inaugurated and sworn in as our 45th President. We can not allow these groups and foundations to hang around funding these anti-American movements on University campuses for the purpose of committing treason, sedition and insurrection. These foundations will continue to fund these movements like communist groups, attacking free speech and the right to keep and bear arms and racial supremacy groups fomenting violence against the police and patriots for the purpose to divide and conquer.

If Jeff Sessions who might be confirmed as our new Attorney General acts to take down these UN-American foundations and NGOs. We all know the fake news media will start a fire storm calling Trump Hitler and comparing him to Joseph Stalin for taking bold action dealing with the true enemies to our freedom and our republican form of government. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with the President to purge this cancer from our mist or we will fall from within.

There are tax-free foundations that seek to lift humanity who seek to do good. Than there are those that seek to bring down the republic so they can bring in their New World Order to enslave humanity. The United States stand in the way of the Oligarchs having their global government they have dreamed for decades.

The oligarchs through these tax-free foundations in the past funded communist organizations overthrowing the Czars in Russia, Cambodia, China and Cuba using fringe groups to do their dirty work. These foundations are using the same playbook here they used in these countries to try to take down this republic. We must take them down before they destroy us,

These foundations and NGOs that seek to overthrow our Constitution and our Bill of Rights lingering around wreaking havoc will continue unless dealt with. Donald Trump’s plan to restore the republic will be hindered at every turn unless these subversive foundations are brought down. It is time to take down these subversive organizations and foundations if our republic is going to survive. What is your opinion?

A Trump Victory Means Patriots Are Regaining Their Self Respect As Proud Americans Once Again

For almost 26 years. Americans have took a beating from the media, the entertainment industry and our own government to be ashamed of who we are and our history because we stood for what is right for this republic and for the best interest of people of all walks of life. Many leftist who are cultural Marxist tried to shut down honest debate using political correctness by using the Saul Alinsky tactic of ridiculing patriotic Americans with personal character assassination attacks of being racist, homophobic, sexist or being a fascist.  Being a patriot was a bad thing.

There was a time the mainstream media or we call the real fake news establishment dominated the narrative that would broadcast the stigma demonizing patriots while cheer leading the cultural Marxist giving them the moral high ground putting freedom loving Americans  at a disadvantage making them almost silent in fear to defend the principles that make this country great.

Now the tables have turned dramatically. Alternative news sites like What really Happened, infowars, Prison Planet, Jeff Rense, Brietbart, Zero Hedge, Drudge Report and Russia today are now the dominating medium people are getting their information from concerning the news and information.

As a result, this gave billionaire businessman Donald Trump and clear path to the White house as President Elect defeating Hillary Clinton. The outcome of Donald trump being politically incorrect and having a fair media allowing him to take his message to the voters to be proud as Americans.

Freedom loving Americans no longer tolerate Hillary Clinton’s and George Soros’s brown shirt brigades to harass Trump supporters. No matter what the globalist try to throw at us trying to scare us into submission whether it be an economic crash, martial law or any other doomsday scenario. We have lost our fear of the globalist. We no longer put up with buthurt Hillary supporters rioting and disrupting tactics because Clinton lost the election. We laugh at the cry bullies who did not get their way. Threatening the electoral college did not bear any results. The pro Hillary crowd have lost steam to make any effect to alter the outcome.

What worked in other tyrannical countries using a bunch of ignorant rabid leftist to scare us into submission no longer works anymore. When the government had a monopoly on the information the new media released. it was easy to get away with it.

With the internet as a vessel to carry the Alternative media. The old playbook the communist used no longer works. The internet has broken the monopoly of the dinosaur media forcing them to compete with smaller internet news sites to stay relevant and credible with their readers. Every move the tyrants make in government is observed and counteracted. The alternative media is the counter force doing the job the dinosaur media refuses to do. Knowledge is power. The new media has empowered Americans to take action that has the power structure running scared because the people now know too much.

Americans have regained their self respect. The fear of being called a racist, sexist, xenophobic or even a deplorable no longer exist. That fear has turned to anger. It does not phase the Trump supporter no matter how much name calling they may use.

Donald Trump has empowered Americans to say no to this destructive globalist agenda of carbon taxes, to the TTP and the TTIP, to roll back the destructive polices of Obama. To repeal Obamacare and to have a government responsive to the people .To demand we stay out of wars, take care of our veterans and no longer put up with illegal immigration being cared for before those who served in uniform. We no longer feel ashamed anymore to speak up no matter what the media whores say.

It is time we start being self respecting Americas again no longer ashamed to speak out to be what is good, whole and right for our beloved republic. Do you agree?

Americans, Donald Trump must win. Failure is not an option this Nov. 8th

On April 11, 1970. Mission control in Houston Texas was faced with what it looked like was an impossible task. That is bring back the astronauts back safely to earth after the space craft had an explosion in one of the liquid oxygen tanks. Faced with a task that seemed impossible to rescue the astronauts. A man refused to believe the worse will happen. Gene Kranz the head of mission control at Johnson Space center told his staff at mission control saying” Failure is not an option”

Now it is the year 2016. Not just a typical election year. This is it for America as we know it to be might be gone forever or reborn. We have the corrupt establishment in both major political parties hell bent on defeating Donald Trump. The ruling elites want to put in a wicked woman named Hillary Clinton in the White House who has her sights set on destroying what is left of this republic we so much cherish.

The news media who is an arm of the Clinton campaign and the Obama regime has set out on a propaganda barrage to demonize Donald Trump with baseless accusations and cover up Hillary Clinton’s crimes against the republic.

We see fake polls selling the illusion of a tight race so they can manipulate the results to steal the election by every fraud known. When Hillary can’t pack a high school gymnasium while Donald Trump packs sports arenas. Trying to rig this election will be a hard sell when Hillary’s support is almost non existent. The election is not close. If the polls and elections were fair and accurate. There would not be a landslide. It would be a steamroll over the political establishment.

There is election and voter fraud taking place to overthrow the real will of the people. We see vote flipping with the electronic voting machines. We see non citizens not naturalized and illegal aliens voting. People are being transported from poling place to other precincts voting up to ten times in the place of dead people is happening as I write this blog. The rumor is that all veterans of the first World War and the Spanish American war support Hillary Clinton. Do you know any that are still alive today?

If you are a parent like me. There are many times lately I look at my two teenage sons sleeping in bed who are innocent who love life in their youth. I wonder if they will be able to pursue their dreams or will they be fighting for their very lives with me preserving what is left of America as they know it. I am wondering what kind of American will they live in if Hillary wins.

Failure is not an option. Trump must win or we are all in for a long battle to regain lost ground so our nation shall not perish from the earth. This choice is ours. Donald can not do it alone. We must more than support him. We have to fight back with him.

Voter fraud, Election fraud and media manipulation of the news and fake polls. We must prevail over this rigged and corrupt system to preserve our life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is our America, not theirs.


List of Numbers by state to report Voter fraud, Election Theft and Voting Irregularities

Alabama 334-242-7210
Alaska 907-465-4611
Arizona 602-542-8683
Arkansas 501-682-5070
California 916 657-2166
Colorado 303-894-2200
Connecticut 860-509-6100
Delaware 302-739-4277
Florida 877-868-3737
Georgia 877-725-9797
Hawaii 808-453-8683
Idaho 208-334-2852
Illinois 217-782-4141
Indiana 317-232-6531
Iowa 888-767-8683
Kansas 785-296-4561
Kentucky 502-564-3490
Louisiana 225-922-0900
Maine 207-624-7736
Maryland 410-269-2840
Massachusetts 617-727-7030

Michigan 888-767-6424
Minnesota 877-600-8683
Mississippi 601-576-2550
Missouri 573-751-2301
Montana 406-444-3976
Nebraska 402-471-2555
Nevada 775-684-5705
New Hampshire 603-271-3242
New Jersey 609-292-3760
New Mexico 505-827-3600
New York 518-473-5086
North Carolina 919-733-7173
North Dakota 701-328-4146
Ohio 614-466-2585
Oklahoma 405-521-6457
Oregon 503-986-1518
Pennsylvania 717-787-5280
Rhode Island 401-222-2345
South Carolina 803-734-9060
South Dakota 605-773-3537
Tennessee 615-741-7956
Texas 512-463-5650
Utah 801-538-1041
Vermont 800-439-8683
Virginia 804-864-8901
Washington 360-902-4151
Washington DC 202-727-2525
West Virginia 304-558-6000
Wisconsin 608-261-2028
Wyoming 307-777-5860


If Hillary Clinton Wins By Cheating. America will not be destroyed,True Resistance Will Rise

In my lifetime. I have not seen such a coordinated effort by the media, the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign committing election and voter to overthrow the will of the people at the ballot box. Hillary Clinton’s grassroots support is almost non existent. Donald Trump packs arena’s while Hillary cannot pack a high school gymnasium.

There have been reports of the Democrat party is registering illegal aliens to vote in south Texas. There are 4 million plus people ineligible to vote who are either dead, non citizens or registered in more than one state. On video, Democrat party officials have admitted they bus people to multiple polling precincts voting up to ten times casting ballots using dead people’s names or  under fraudulent aliases.

The we have the  computerized voting machines flipping the results with software programing to get a desired outcome regardless what the will of the people is. The ruling class in both political parties are hell bent on keeping Donald Trump out of the White House. When evidence being overwhelming that the election is being stolen to keep the globalist establishment in power. Do you think the American people will go along with the results or roll over knowing might Hillary win by outright fraud?

I do not see America going quietly into the night without a fight. I do not see the American people recognizing Hillary Clinton as the legitimate leader. The real resistance will start to rise short of an armed rebellion. But an armed revolt is possible when all peaceful measures have failed. I do not think Clinton’s intimidation tactics trying to crush the opposition in the alternative media, state governors and legislators will not work.  Public anger over such a fraud like Hillary might erase all fear. The magnitude of public discontent might be more than they can handle.

Resistance at the state and local level might make it very difficult for Hillary Clinton to implement her agenda. The push back might be so enormous beyond what we can measure.

Law enforcement and the Military that Hillary and Obama have trashed and put in danger might not willing go along with this illegitimate President.

We can see state governors by public demand using the state police and defense forces being ordered to block refugees from the middle east from leaving the airports defying the UN directives of unlimited migration.

We can see states pass their own immigration laws cutting off welfare and other social services regardless what the Hillary White House or the United Nations say.

We can see states like Texas and a handful of other states moving toward secession forming a confederation outside Federal control. This can be done by demand of the people of the several states pressuring their state governments.

Repeal the second amendment by executive order? I do not think so. Send in UN foreign troops when our military will not go along with it?  The truth to me is. Those nations who send troops under the UN flag. It will become politically unpopular in these countries when their soldiers come back in flag draped caskets trying to confiscate the guns,

Federal agents might be reluctant to go out and grab guns or steal land when the reality of they might not come back if they go carry out Hilliary’s executive decrees.

America will not be defined by who is in office.  When the survival instinct of freedom loving Americans kicks into high gear. We will not allow Hillary to steal this country when push comes to shove. The remnant of patriots not allow her to send in migrants to alter the demographics to benefit the socialist to retain their power.

Hillary cannot transform America if we do not allow it. If the states and people withdraw their consent. When we no longer fear the Clinton mafia tactics trying to scare the people. When the bureaucracies become ineffective  to carry out her lawless edicts. If there are signs nothing is moving no matter how hard she screams to crush the resistance. When the Feds are scared to go out and try to intimidate the population because the people will do very harsh and very cruel things to them. The whole corrupt executive machine will grind to a halt for lack of operatives.

When we see all the above. We can see the Federal government like the old Soviet Union collapse under its own weight and corrupt moral rot within. When the tyrant can no longer rule by fear to coerce the population to submit into giving up their arms and freedom when the realization is that the people outgun the jackbooted thugs. The despot is rendered powerless falling from power when the people are no longer afraid.

So what if Hillary steals the election.  The evidence is out in public view where she will not be recognized as the real President, The rude awakening will be to her that the consequences will be too much for her to bear because the push back of the electorate will be underestimated. As a result we can see the whole system will come down.

Regardless who wins. America’s true core character for over 240 years will prevail over this possible despotic regime.


How The DNC can try to Save Face and Dump Hillary Clinton

Right now the Democrat Party , Hillary Clinton Campaign for President along with the dinosaur mainstream media are imploding. The reason is the Democrats lie, Hillary Clinton is incapable of telling the truth and the media being the willing accomplishes goes along with the propaganda.

As we speak, The DNC is in round the clock meetings in Washington DC. One of the proposals is to see how to replace Hillary Clinton. Her candidacy for President is failing miserably. Donald Trump is surging in popularity regardless of the rigged polls. He gets full stadiums while Hillary Clinton cannot fill a high school gymnasium.

Right now the establishment is in a panic in both political parties. The ruling class along with the establishment media are losing the narrative to the alternative news.

It is obvious Hillary Clinton is very sick and might not make it on this Earth for very long due to her poor health. If she wins by stealing the election and survives to inauguration. We can see not for long afterward the cabinet and congress invoking the 25th amendment of the US Constitution declaring she is unable to discharge her duties as President making a possible VP Caine becoming President. Than she might die in office.  Most likely that might not be the case. To me this is a long shot to speculate playing out in the future since her chances to win Nov. 8th are very slim.

Still as I see it. Hillary is too stubborn and arrogant to step down in her run for President knowing she will most likely lose.  Regardless how sick she is. She will not give up without a fight.

The other scenario no one is bringing up is Hillary Clinton being indicted and arrested on charges for lying to congress. Making her disqualified for running for President. When the arraignment procedure commences where Hillary faces a Judge pleading she is guilty or not guilty to the charges. Her lawyers can call for the case and charges to be dismissed on the grounds of she is too sick or not competent to stand trial due to her poor health of Parkinsons disease or a brain tumor which effects her mental state. Chances are the judge might be a Clinton or Obama appointee.

Could this be a way for the Democrats and the Justice Department try to save face because the lack of credibility not charging Hillary for the email scandal? By indicting Hillary Clinton for lying to Congress. Could this be a way to silence the critics of the Department of Justice knowing the charges will be dismissed due to her severe illness? It would not surprise me that there is closed door meetings discussing this option. It might be one of the options being talked about as a way out of a public relations nightmare nominating Hillary in the first place by fraud.

If they follow through with this option. I can see them planning a way to rig the Justice system that prevents Hillary standing trial where evidence revealed in court could threaten the whole power structure. The power brokers in the DNC making sure one of their judges presides over the case makes sure Hillary does not have to face Justice or stand trial. What can be in court record can have far reaching ramifications that can bring down the US government. If there is a real day in court having this damning evidence on record. The public outcry will demand accountability when the truth comes to light.

Maybe Hillary Clinton afterward being out of the public eye where she might pass away in her home. Hoping her death will put the whole thing to rest once and for all. in the DNC’s eyes, all their hands are dirty in her corruption. She is a liability that is the big elephant in the room they can no longer deny. The DNC has no easy choices because the all consequences are all too harsh either way they decide to go..

The Email scandal, The corruption of the Clinton Foundation and other numerous felonies committed by Hillary Clinton. The aiding by the DNC to steal the nomination from Sen. Bernie Sanders. The poor health of Hillary Clinton with seizures. passing out being known no matter how much the campaign and the press tries to cover it up. It does not work anymore. The trust among the voters is not there anymore when they have been lied to for so long.

In my observation as I see it. Her campaign appearances being cancelled due to lack of attendance or too ill to appear in public. This has put the Democratic establishment between a rock and a hard place. With a possible candidate waiting in the wings to replace Hillary if she is disqualified by an indictment. They think they might retain what little credibility they have if they make such a bold move.  Anything is possible when there is desperation in the air. To me, I think the damage is done.

Does anyone see this a an option the DNC might try to pull off in an effort to save their face and their ass at the same time? We will wait and see.

Voter Fraud is an Act of TREASON!. Any Questions?


This is the most important election in my lifetime where our nation could go into a reprieve or into a very dark time depending on the outcome of the next general election. The soul of the nation will come down to the results of the ballot box this November. How will it be won is the question. Will it be honest and open election or will there be cheating to steal the votes?

The results of election fraud for decades has taken a toll on this nation. People who now hold elected positions from local government all the way up to the halls of power in Washington DC were most likely kept in office by voter fraud. The results of the policies these people carried out has brought this nation to its knees with the American people at the breaking point.

Now it is a do or die for both sides. The stakes are high between the Globalist and the Pro America Nationalist. To fight against voter fraud is a fight we can not play the nice guys anymore. We can no longer turn the other cheek. The gloves must come off holding nothing back. The age of civility trying to resolve election fraud ina peaceful tone has come to an end. Our rhetoric has to be blunt and straight forward. Forgot being politically correct to avoid offending the vote riggers. The globalist do not care what they say or do will offend us or not. Why should we care about what they think? It is time to play hardball.


When there is clear evidence proving the stealing elections is happening. We must take it serious calling stealing the election a high crime against the will of the people. When I say high crime. I call it the high crime of TREASON. I say this scathing remark without any reservation. We must call voter fraud for what it is. That is stealing the elections is treason. So calling the vote riggers traitors when they are caught needs to be the mantra.

Election fraud is treason because it is an overthrow of the government consisting of the will of the people as outlined in the Declaration of Independence stating:

“All just powers derive from the consent of the governed”

The people in Washington holding office have been passing laws the people did not consent to like illegal immigration and one sided trade deals. The voters have been ignored because the system is rigged because of election fraud.

When the will of the people is deprived the God given right to choose their servants to be stewards at the ballot box. We must not roll over and allow these corrupt traitors to lead our great nation into oblivion.

The entrenched establishment are running scared because someone who is outside the ruling class has a real chance of turning the status quo upside down. Who is the man?

It is Donald Trump who is a very successful businessman who wants to see the individual succeed  and thrive without government interference stifling their God given talent to produce and create. A man who sees the greatness in the nation comes from rugged individualism to compete on a level playing field in a global economy when the rules are fair and not one sided.  Donald Trump has spoken out against these one sided trade deals like NAFTA and GATT. A man who is sick and tired of our nation selling out to these disastrous treaties that rob our national sovereignty and our industrial strength. A man who wants to serve the people and not foreign interest who have an economic choke hold on our republic.

Than we have Hillery Clinton who has a record of corruption and criminal activity spanning for years. She is the poster child of “the ends justifies the means” approach meaning she will lie,steal,cheat and even murder people who stand in her way from gaining power. If she loses the election. She might be arrested going to prison. Not only her, but many politicians on both sides of the isle, cabinet members and bureaucrats could be indicted too for their crimes of corruption and treason against the nation.

The US Constitution defines treason. This is the only high crime that is clearly defined in our founding document. of what is treason is and the conditions for conviction.

Article 3 section 3 defines treason as follows:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.


Hillery Clinton and Barrack Obama and many others in power right now holding elected office as well in entrenched bureaucracies  are knowingly committing treason. They are levying war again the American people allowing our southern border to be wide open allowing illegals to come in to be a political weapon against the American people. Instead of arresting these illegals crossing the border and deporting them. The President orders the border patrol to put them on Greyhound buses and send them anywhere in the Continental United States. President Obama and Hillery Clinton want these people who are not US citizens or even are here legally the right to vote to make sure the Democrats stay in power.


They are using Clowerd and Pivon Strategy to bankrupt the states overwhelming the welfare system to take down the United States and the Constitutional republic waging war against the American people. The act of treason adhering to the enemies of the United States to bring down the nation is their agenda if they are allowed to steal the election.

They are flying in Middle Eastern men mostly of fighting age under the dark of night who are not compatible with our way of life. The same people who want to kill us who are being armed in Syria trying to overthrow President Assad. These Muslim migrants brought in want to bring overthrow our Bill of Rights to bring in Sharia law which is a very oppressive system alien to American culture.Fundamentalist Muslims have declared once they have a large population. They will take over if they have their way through elections. They only get this help of our treasonous politicians undermining the rule of law giving aid and comfort to those who hate this country.

The enemies of the Untied States holding office in Washington DC are working at break neck speed to flood the nation with the third world population who are desperate for a better life are being exploited by the Democrats with free stuff. The Globalist are allowing people from the Middle East and South America. The traitors in office are hoping to flood the voter rolls with new Democratic voters who are not legally eligible to vote as a way to hold power.

The act of treason to bring in people who hate this country who are a threat to our national security undermining the safety of the American people. The Democrat party is in trouble losing their base since they betrayed the voters stealing the election from Bernie Sanders.  Many Bernie Sanders supporters are now voting for Donald Trump. As a result of these people not backing Hilliary. Now they need a new voter base or expand the dependent class who will vote for government handouts every election to stay in power.

Now since the Republican Convention was a resounding success with Donald Trump accepting the nomination for President while the Democratic Convention was a dismal failure when it was revealed Bernie Sanders won but was stolen by Hilliary Clinton. Since Bernie Sander is allowing her to get away with it and not challenge the results. Hilliary and her minions are emboldened to steal the election from Donald Trump with a coalition of illegal voters as a political weapon, electronic voting machines and no voter ID laws as a way to get around the will of the people at the ballot box.

Hillery Clinton’s agenda is to adhere to our enemies and continue to wage war against the American people as Obama was doing for almost 8 years. If Donald Trump wins. Hillery Clinton and many other Globalist might face justice for the corruption and treason. Donald Trump revealed that Hilliary Clinton is an agent of the Communist Chinese selling our missile secrets violating our national security. An overt and covert act of treason.

Since Obama ignores court orders from Federal court and the US Supreme Court. States should just ignore the court ruling against voter ID laws that allegedly harm minorities.  We use ID to board a plane and to buy cigarettes. Common sense says States who passed voter ID laws are undermined by the courts thwarting our elected legislators is protect the elections from fraud. Ignore the court rulings. States should require ID regardless what the Supreme court says. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. States need to assert their sovereignty and take control of their elections.

Hillery and the minions like Debbie Wassermann Schultz are going to unload all the big guns to steal this election with:

Dead people who should no longer be on the voter rolls.

Illegal immigrants and people who are not eligible to vote because they are not naturalized citizens.

Rigging the Diebold Machines which has no paper trail to recount the votes.

Allowing convicted felons to vote.

Not being required to show ID. Illegal immigrants can register to vote and people can vote more the one time going  multiple voting places.

Seeing more votes being cast than actual registered voters in a precinct. A BIG RED FLAG.

There are numerous ways they will try to steal the election from the American people. We must keep a watchful eye.

We must not allow this to happen.

Warning and notice to all those in government at all levels who will be overseeing the elections. If you are knowingly and willingly going to take part in rigging the votes and changing the results. You are committing the act of the high crime of treason. If Hillery wins by theft. You will be held accountable because we will not accept the results when it was stolen from the people. If Trumps wins and you took part trying to steal the vote from the people. We will still hold you accountable. We will not allow another rigged election again next time around. We will hold you as an example to the people in power with what will happen if you commit treason stealing an election. You will get your day in court with a jury of your peers. Once convicted, you will be punished by the full extent of the law.

As long we allow the elections to be stolen depriving the will of the people to choose their public servants. Corrupt politicians who cheated the ballot box will be emboldened to commit more serious high crimes against the American people.

The Damage of Election fraud has done to our nations is:

They have their own hacks and minions in key government post to make sure government corruption is not investigated.

The ruling class who fraudulently holds office has brought in infiltrators who are foreign agents with the missions to weaken the nation from within using the power structure.

They will place despots in key positions to silence the opposition and whistle blowers. Most likely inside the NSA, FBI or the CIA

The ruling class have made the rules to have the advantage as incumbents over the challenger or any minor political parties access to get on the ballot.

The ruling class who hold office by fraud have erected a police state as a rear guard to protect the corrupt politicians from the people seeking to hold them accountable.

All this was possible when the ballot box was rigged and tampered with to give aid and comfort to our domestic enemies. We been asleep for a long time. Now we know we cannot trust the government to have fair and honest elections because they been cheating all this time.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We can not shoulder the complete burden on Donald Trump and Roger Stone to make sure the will of the people is carried out at the ballot box. It is all our duty to make it happen.  We have to network to form groups and do our own exit polling. Do not rely on the media to do this. It is our duty to make sure We the people’s voice is heard. It is our election and our government of the people, for the people and by the people. Not the government of the despots who are puppets for the Robber Barons who want to steal our election which is the theft of our nation.

We must not let this nation perish from the earth by fraud ever again.  Back in history when Apollo 13 was in peril as the nation was in prayer to bring back the astronauts safely to earth, Gene Krantz the head of mission control said one thing that made it possible to bring back the astronauts of Apollo 13. That statement was ” Failure is not an Option”

Do you agree?

Where Are the Pitchforks Protesting Justice Denied in Twin Falls Idaho

Our local government is supposed to be the government closest to us. It seems now the city government no longer represents the will of the people on a local level when justice is denied to a girl being raped by three male refugees who migrated from the middle east. Did special interest or did Homeland Security threaten the government to withhold federal funding?

I wonder who is paying off the city government in Twin Falls to cover up the case of three  Islāmic migrants raping a girl and urinating on her afterward. I am surprised a posse has not been formed to drive these migrants out-of-town who can not co-exist with a civilized people.

I heard the city approved a permit for a mosque in Twin Falls Idaho in a short time while property owners getting a building permit to fix their roof will have to wait. So is the city rolling out the red carpet for these people who have a culture that is not compatible with American culture,

Why did the police release the three minors who commits a serious crime against a girl and seal the file not pursuing the case. Why are they not in a juvenile detention center? Maybe because if they were released in the general population in a detention center with juvenile delinquents. Those three migrants might not be safe and might have to put in protective custody. Child Molesters are not popular in jail.

I wonder why the people of twin falls are not outraged demanding recalling than city council and demanding the firing of the police chief. Where is the county Sheriff who is sworn to protect the people in the county taking over the case? Why are they not gathered with pitchforks outside city hall demanding the city council  and chief of police resign? Where is the governor calling to remove these people from the middle east out of the State to protect the people of Idaho? Where is the Idaho state attorney General making sure justice is served?

Failure of government to act in the interest of the people is why Donald Trump is winning because the American people are tired of being sold out. They are sick and tired of the laws being ignored. They want a public servant who will speak for Americans and not a parasitic population that only causes trouble. They are tired of the politicians pandering selling out jobs and the well-being of their constituents to the highest bidder. People are at the breaking point.

I say to the people of Twin Falls Idaho. Do not let this rest. Demand the city government resign if they are not willing to make sure this girl has justice.

The warning I have for local government who invites these refugees into their cities or counties. If they persist on covering up crimes like this when these migrants run wild in the communities. What happened in Athens Tn in 1946 might be repeated nationwide if they continue to ignore the will of the people and allow this criminal element from the middle east to come in and wreak havoc.

It will get worse before it gets better. Do you agree?


Is the New Independence Day 2 :The Resurgence Movie Promoting the UN World Government Agenda?

I was watching the trailer of the new release of the movie of Independence 2 the Resurgence coming out this weekend in Theaters. The movie is a sequel to the original movie released back in 1996 when they defeated an alien invasion from destroying earth by annihilation of the human race.

Former Secretary of State and globalist Henry Kissinger quoted:

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

Just looking at the present movie trailers of the upcoming sequel to the 1996 original independence day fulfills Henry Kissinger’s words is all nations submitting to the UN to protect earth from an Alien threat from outer space by forming a global force to fight enemies from outer space.

Is this movie being used to prime to people for an alien threat from outer space using project Blue-bean to stage an alien invasion from out space so we the people out of fear submit to the UN for protection? All I say is you be the judge and watch the trailers. Judging what I see so far. This movie is pretty frightening seeing how the New World Order is in trouble by anti globalist insurrections around the world. In order to get the world to submit to the fear of the unknown is a crisis. A staged alien invasion might be in the cards and the new Movie of independence Day could be the movie to prepare the public to accept the UN solution to save them from threats from outer space. The fear unknown with a solution we otherwise would not accept.

Do not be deceived. Watch the extended Clips to see what I mean about the UN Take over.

Open Letter to Donald Trump About Government Abusing Innocent Americans Since Sept 11,2001

Dear Mr Trump,


I am a supporter of your candidacy for President even though I have some disagreements about some policy stances you maybe for.

Ever since Sept 11, 2001. The congress passed legislation forming the TSA and passed the Patriot Act. Both bills President George W. Bush singed into law. Both bills now law have not caught one single terrorist. But these two laws have eroded the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. They have taken away the right of Due process when it comes to life, liberty and property. Due process of law no longer exist. Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the right to face your accusers?

The TSA has been caught stealing cash and personal property from travelers. Still the TSA has not found simulated bombs, guns explosives passing through airport security when the inspector General wanted to see if the screeners are doing their jobs. Still the TSA agents has all the time in the world to grope and harass the American citizen without a search warrant signed by a judge or probable cause instead looking for real threats profiling middle eastern people who have been proven to attack innocent people in the name of Allah.

The government is not going after Muslim extremist, The FBI investigations has been shut down at every turn like the couple in San Bernadino and the Orlando shooter before they could be stopped. The TSA is not allowed to frisk search Muslims and ladies wearing covering according to the Muslim faith at the airports before boarding a plane. At the same time Americans are humiliated by the TSA with groping and strip searches out in the open without probable cause. At the same time the US government is having foreigners from the middle east being flown in by Homeland security not having their passports checked or not passing through customs process. No health screening whatsoever for contagious diseases.  With a border wide open not secure. These are the very people doing the terrorist attacks on American soil shedding innocent blood. Not members of the NRA ,nor the bitter clingers Obama talks about who cling to their bibles and guns.

I know you tweeted about meeting with the NRA about no one being able to buy a gun on the terror watch list with the slightest inclination to terrorism. On the surface it sounds very well-meaning with good intentions trying to stop these blood thirsty Islāmic barbarians. Remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The truth is as long the border is wide open not being secured. They can smuggle weapons as well as drugs across the border with little or no trouble. How would a terror watch list work when the real criminal terrorist do not get their guns from normal lawful channels.

The truth is these terrorist watch list are useless is because the government will allow a known terrorist on this list go unhindered while not allowing a 18 month year old toddler from boarding an airplane because they are on the no fly terrorist watch list. Innocent Americans have been put on this No Fly list or a terrorist watch list without no trial or due process by an unaccountable and unelected bureaucrat. They do not know why they are put on the list. They do not know who put them on that list. Veterans who served honorably have been denied the right to keep and bear arms for every minute or remote possibility of mental illness by some VA bureaucrat with no trial to deem them adjudicated mentally ill by a judge.

The war on Terror gave the Government a license to abuse the American people while allowing the real terrorist to go free wreaking havoc all over America.  An excuse attacking the bill of rights making law-abiding Americans suspects as possible threats to national security while the real external threats are allowed to travel freely planning their next attacks on innocent Americans.

Mr Trump your statement saying that” That a person with the slightest inclination of terrorism should not be able to buy a gun.” This means you are in Obama’s camp on attacking the second amendment. Is this true? I would reconsider your position and read the bill of rights. Instead of restricting the rights of Americans in the name of keeping us safe. You need to tie the hands of the Federal government because they are abusing their power going after innocent Americans instead of the threats that seek to overthrow our republican form of government. When you have secret list and arbitrary rules  that punish the innocent Americans can not be allowed to defend themselves in a court of law.

Homeland Security already designated Gun owners, Christians, land right activist, Anti UN activist, returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, Ron Paul and Bob Barr supporters, Libertarians and all the political enemies to the present regime are now considered terrorist. Mr Trump, your supporters will be next on this very list. So do you want this secret extra-judicial list to deny the law-abiding Americans who support you from keeping and bearing arms, be barred from boarding a plane because of their political affiliations? All this with no due process of law having no judge or jury.

We Americans who pay taxes and work. We play by the rules and do not harm to others and their property. We try to live a life above reproach are sick and tired of being treated like criminals by our own government. When there is a terrorist attack because of government failure. Is the solution firing the bureaucrats who dropped the ball? No, they want to take away our God given liberties and give the inefficient and incompetent bureaucracy more power.

So Mr Trump instead of listening to the talking heads in the media and the career politicians who want to keep the status quo covering for the bureaucrats in these agencies. Tell these bureaucrats” Your Fired” and the TSA agents who abused Americans Hurting the Tourist industry because no one wants to fly and be harassed. Instead of giving more funds to the TSA who has not caught one single terrorist and allows guns and bombs to pass through the checkpoints. But has all the time to steal from travelers. Tell them “your fired” too like Reagan did for the striking air traffic controllers. We want the government to leave us alone and chase the bad guys and not harass us law abiding Americans.

Mr Trump if you want to make American Great again. We must be free first without any interference from government. We are not criminals looking for a fight or start trouble. We just want to be left alone.

George M Warm