How The DNC can try to Save Face and Dump Hillary Clinton

Right now the Democrat Party , Hillary Clinton Campaign for President along with the dinosaur mainstream media are imploding. The reason is the Democrats lie, Hillary Clinton is incapable of telling the truth and the media being the willing accomplishes goes along with the propaganda.

As we speak, The DNC is in round the clock meetings in Washington DC. One of the proposals is to see how to replace Hillary Clinton. Her candidacy for President is failing miserably. Donald Trump is surging in popularity regardless of the rigged polls. He gets full stadiums while Hillary Clinton cannot fill a high school gymnasium.

Right now the establishment is in a panic in both political parties. The ruling class along with the establishment media are losing the narrative to the alternative news.

It is obvious Hillary Clinton is very sick and might not make it on this Earth for very long due to her poor health. If she wins by stealing the election and survives to inauguration. We can see not for long afterward the cabinet and congress invoking the 25th amendment of the US Constitution declaring she is unable to discharge her duties as President making a possible VP Caine becoming President. Than she might die in office.  Most likely that might not be the case. To me this is a long shot to speculate playing out in the future since her chances to win Nov. 8th are very slim.

Still as I see it. Hillary is too stubborn and arrogant to step down in her run for President knowing she will most likely lose.  Regardless how sick she is. She will not give up without a fight.

The other scenario no one is bringing up is Hillary Clinton being indicted and arrested on charges for lying to congress. Making her disqualified for running for President. When the arraignment procedure commences where Hillary faces a Judge pleading she is guilty or not guilty to the charges. Her lawyers can call for the case and charges to be dismissed on the grounds of she is too sick or not competent to stand trial due to her poor health of Parkinsons disease or a brain tumor which effects her mental state. Chances are the judge might be a Clinton or Obama appointee.

Could this be a way for the Democrats and the Justice Department try to save face because the lack of credibility not charging Hillary for the email scandal? By indicting Hillary Clinton for lying to Congress. Could this be a way to silence the critics of the Department of Justice knowing the charges will be dismissed due to her severe illness? It would not surprise me that there is closed door meetings discussing this option. It might be one of the options being talked about as a way out of a public relations nightmare nominating Hillary in the first place by fraud.

If they follow through with this option. I can see them planning a way to rig the Justice system that prevents Hillary standing trial where evidence revealed in court could threaten the whole power structure. The power brokers in the DNC making sure one of their judges presides over the case makes sure Hillary does not have to face Justice or stand trial. What can be in court record can have far reaching ramifications that can bring down the US government. If there is a real day in court having this damning evidence on record. The public outcry will demand accountability when the truth comes to light.

Maybe Hillary Clinton afterward being out of the public eye where she might pass away in her home. Hoping her death will put the whole thing to rest once and for all. in the DNC’s eyes, all their hands are dirty in her corruption. She is a liability that is the big elephant in the room they can no longer deny. The DNC has no easy choices because the all consequences are all too harsh either way they decide to go..

The Email scandal, The corruption of the Clinton Foundation and other numerous felonies committed by Hillary Clinton. The aiding by the DNC to steal the nomination from Sen. Bernie Sanders. The poor health of Hillary Clinton with seizures. passing out being known no matter how much the campaign and the press tries to cover it up. It does not work anymore. The trust among the voters is not there anymore when they have been lied to for so long.

In my observation as I see it. Her campaign appearances being cancelled due to lack of attendance or too ill to appear in public. This has put the Democratic establishment between a rock and a hard place. With a possible candidate waiting in the wings to replace Hillary if she is disqualified by an indictment. They think they might retain what little credibility they have if they make such a bold move.  Anything is possible when there is desperation in the air. To me, I think the damage is done.

Does anyone see this a an option the DNC might try to pull off in an effort to save their face and their ass at the same time? We will wait and see.

Voter Fraud is an Act of TREASON!. Any Questions?


This is the most important election in my lifetime where our nation could go into a reprieve or into a very dark time depending on the outcome of the next general election. The soul of the nation will come down to the results of the ballot box this November. How will it be won is the question. Will it be honest and open election or will there be cheating to steal the votes?

The results of election fraud for decades has taken a toll on this nation. People who now hold elected positions from local government all the way up to the halls of power in Washington DC were most likely kept in office by voter fraud. The results of the policies these people carried out has brought this nation to its knees with the American people at the breaking point.

Now it is a do or die for both sides. The stakes are high between the Globalist and the Pro America Nationalist. To fight against voter fraud is a fight we can not play the nice guys anymore. We can no longer turn the other cheek. The gloves must come off holding nothing back. The age of civility trying to resolve election fraud ina peaceful tone has come to an end. Our rhetoric has to be blunt and straight forward. Forgot being politically correct to avoid offending the vote riggers. The globalist do not care what they say or do will offend us or not. Why should we care about what they think? It is time to play hardball.


When there is clear evidence proving the stealing elections is happening. We must take it serious calling stealing the election a high crime against the will of the people. When I say high crime. I call it the high crime of TREASON. I say this scathing remark without any reservation. We must call voter fraud for what it is. That is stealing the elections is treason. So calling the vote riggers traitors when they are caught needs to be the mantra.

Election fraud is treason because it is an overthrow of the government consisting of the will of the people as outlined in the Declaration of Independence stating:

“All just powers derive from the consent of the governed”

The people in Washington holding office have been passing laws the people did not consent to like illegal immigration and one sided trade deals. The voters have been ignored because the system is rigged because of election fraud.

When the will of the people is deprived the God given right to choose their servants to be stewards at the ballot box. We must not roll over and allow these corrupt traitors to lead our great nation into oblivion.

The entrenched establishment are running scared because someone who is outside the ruling class has a real chance of turning the status quo upside down. Who is the man?

It is Donald Trump who is a very successful businessman who wants to see the individual succeed  and thrive without government interference stifling their God given talent to produce and create. A man who sees the greatness in the nation comes from rugged individualism to compete on a level playing field in a global economy when the rules are fair and not one sided.  Donald Trump has spoken out against these one sided trade deals like NAFTA and GATT. A man who is sick and tired of our nation selling out to these disastrous treaties that rob our national sovereignty and our industrial strength. A man who wants to serve the people and not foreign interest who have an economic choke hold on our republic.

Than we have Hillery Clinton who has a record of corruption and criminal activity spanning for years. She is the poster child of “the ends justifies the means” approach meaning she will lie,steal,cheat and even murder people who stand in her way from gaining power. If she loses the election. She might be arrested going to prison. Not only her, but many politicians on both sides of the isle, cabinet members and bureaucrats could be indicted too for their crimes of corruption and treason against the nation.

The US Constitution defines treason. This is the only high crime that is clearly defined in our founding document. of what is treason is and the conditions for conviction.

Article 3 section 3 defines treason as follows:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.


Hillery Clinton and Barrack Obama and many others in power right now holding elected office as well in entrenched bureaucracies  are knowingly committing treason. They are levying war again the American people allowing our southern border to be wide open allowing illegals to come in to be a political weapon against the American people. Instead of arresting these illegals crossing the border and deporting them. The President orders the border patrol to put them on Greyhound buses and send them anywhere in the Continental United States. President Obama and Hillery Clinton want these people who are not US citizens or even are here legally the right to vote to make sure the Democrats stay in power.


They are using Clowerd and Pivon Strategy to bankrupt the states overwhelming the welfare system to take down the United States and the Constitutional republic waging war against the American people. The act of treason adhering to the enemies of the United States to bring down the nation is their agenda if they are allowed to steal the election.

They are flying in Middle Eastern men mostly of fighting age under the dark of night who are not compatible with our way of life. The same people who want to kill us who are being armed in Syria trying to overthrow President Assad. These Muslim migrants brought in want to bring overthrow our Bill of Rights to bring in Sharia law which is a very oppressive system alien to American culture.Fundamentalist Muslims have declared once they have a large population. They will take over if they have their way through elections. They only get this help of our treasonous politicians undermining the rule of law giving aid and comfort to those who hate this country.

The enemies of the Untied States holding office in Washington DC are working at break neck speed to flood the nation with the third world population who are desperate for a better life are being exploited by the Democrats with free stuff. The Globalist are allowing people from the Middle East and South America. The traitors in office are hoping to flood the voter rolls with new Democratic voters who are not legally eligible to vote as a way to hold power.

The act of treason to bring in people who hate this country who are a threat to our national security undermining the safety of the American people. The Democrat party is in trouble losing their base since they betrayed the voters stealing the election from Bernie Sanders.  Many Bernie Sanders supporters are now voting for Donald Trump. As a result of these people not backing Hilliary. Now they need a new voter base or expand the dependent class who will vote for government handouts every election to stay in power.

Now since the Republican Convention was a resounding success with Donald Trump accepting the nomination for President while the Democratic Convention was a dismal failure when it was revealed Bernie Sanders won but was stolen by Hilliary Clinton. Since Bernie Sander is allowing her to get away with it and not challenge the results. Hilliary and her minions are emboldened to steal the election from Donald Trump with a coalition of illegal voters as a political weapon, electronic voting machines and no voter ID laws as a way to get around the will of the people at the ballot box.

Hillery Clinton’s agenda is to adhere to our enemies and continue to wage war against the American people as Obama was doing for almost 8 years. If Donald Trump wins. Hillery Clinton and many other Globalist might face justice for the corruption and treason. Donald Trump revealed that Hilliary Clinton is an agent of the Communist Chinese selling our missile secrets violating our national security. An overt and covert act of treason.

Since Obama ignores court orders from Federal court and the US Supreme Court. States should just ignore the court ruling against voter ID laws that allegedly harm minorities.  We use ID to board a plane and to buy cigarettes. Common sense says States who passed voter ID laws are undermined by the courts thwarting our elected legislators is protect the elections from fraud. Ignore the court rulings. States should require ID regardless what the Supreme court says. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. States need to assert their sovereignty and take control of their elections.

Hillery and the minions like Debbie Wassermann Schultz are going to unload all the big guns to steal this election with:

Dead people who should no longer be on the voter rolls.

Illegal immigrants and people who are not eligible to vote because they are not naturalized citizens.

Rigging the Diebold Machines which has no paper trail to recount the votes.

Allowing convicted felons to vote.

Not being required to show ID. Illegal immigrants can register to vote and people can vote more the one time going  multiple voting places.

Seeing more votes being cast than actual registered voters in a precinct. A BIG RED FLAG.

There are numerous ways they will try to steal the election from the American people. We must keep a watchful eye.

We must not allow this to happen.

Warning and notice to all those in government at all levels who will be overseeing the elections. If you are knowingly and willingly going to take part in rigging the votes and changing the results. You are committing the act of the high crime of treason. If Hillery wins by theft. You will be held accountable because we will not accept the results when it was stolen from the people. If Trumps wins and you took part trying to steal the vote from the people. We will still hold you accountable. We will not allow another rigged election again next time around. We will hold you as an example to the people in power with what will happen if you commit treason stealing an election. You will get your day in court with a jury of your peers. Once convicted, you will be punished by the full extent of the law.

As long we allow the elections to be stolen depriving the will of the people to choose their public servants. Corrupt politicians who cheated the ballot box will be emboldened to commit more serious high crimes against the American people.

The Damage of Election fraud has done to our nations is:

They have their own hacks and minions in key government post to make sure government corruption is not investigated.

The ruling class who fraudulently holds office has brought in infiltrators who are foreign agents with the missions to weaken the nation from within using the power structure.

They will place despots in key positions to silence the opposition and whistle blowers. Most likely inside the NSA, FBI or the CIA

The ruling class have made the rules to have the advantage as incumbents over the challenger or any minor political parties access to get on the ballot.

The ruling class who hold office by fraud have erected a police state as a rear guard to protect the corrupt politicians from the people seeking to hold them accountable.

All this was possible when the ballot box was rigged and tampered with to give aid and comfort to our domestic enemies. We been asleep for a long time. Now we know we cannot trust the government to have fair and honest elections because they been cheating all this time.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We can not shoulder the complete burden on Donald Trump and Roger Stone to make sure the will of the people is carried out at the ballot box. It is all our duty to make it happen.  We have to network to form groups and do our own exit polling. Do not rely on the media to do this. It is our duty to make sure We the people’s voice is heard. It is our election and our government of the people, for the people and by the people. Not the government of the despots who are puppets for the Robber Barons who want to steal our election which is the theft of our nation.

We must not let this nation perish from the earth by fraud ever again.  Back in history when Apollo 13 was in peril as the nation was in prayer to bring back the astronauts safely to earth, Gene Krantz the head of mission control said one thing that made it possible to bring back the astronauts of Apollo 13. That statement was ” Failure is not an Option”

Do you agree?

Where Are the Pitchforks Protesting Justice Denied in Twin Falls Idaho

Our local government is supposed to be the government closest to us. It seems now the city government no longer represents the will of the people on a local level when justice is denied to a girl being raped by three male refugees who migrated from the middle east. Did special interest or did Homeland Security threaten the government to withhold federal funding?

I wonder who is paying off the city government in Twin Falls to cover up the case of three  Islāmic migrants raping a girl and urinating on her afterward. I am surprised a posse has not been formed to drive these migrants out-of-town who can not co-exist with a civilized people.

I heard the city approved a permit for a mosque in Twin Falls Idaho in a short time while property owners getting a building permit to fix their roof will have to wait. So is the city rolling out the red carpet for these people who have a culture that is not compatible with American culture,

Why did the police release the three minors who commits a serious crime against a girl and seal the file not pursuing the case. Why are they not in a juvenile detention center? Maybe because if they were released in the general population in a detention center with juvenile delinquents. Those three migrants might not be safe and might have to put in protective custody. Child Molesters are not popular in jail.

I wonder why the people of twin falls are not outraged demanding recalling than city council and demanding the firing of the police chief. Where is the county Sheriff who is sworn to protect the people in the county taking over the case? Why are they not gathered with pitchforks outside city hall demanding the city council  and chief of police resign? Where is the governor calling to remove these people from the middle east out of the State to protect the people of Idaho? Where is the Idaho state attorney General making sure justice is served?

Failure of government to act in the interest of the people is why Donald Trump is winning because the American people are tired of being sold out. They are sick and tired of the laws being ignored. They want a public servant who will speak for Americans and not a parasitic population that only causes trouble. They are tired of the politicians pandering selling out jobs and the well-being of their constituents to the highest bidder. People are at the breaking point.

I say to the people of Twin Falls Idaho. Do not let this rest. Demand the city government resign if they are not willing to make sure this girl has justice.

The warning I have for local government who invites these refugees into their cities or counties. If they persist on covering up crimes like this when these migrants run wild in the communities. What happened in Athens Tn in 1946 might be repeated nationwide if they continue to ignore the will of the people and allow this criminal element from the middle east to come in and wreak havoc.

It will get worse before it gets better. Do you agree?


Is the New Independence Day 2 :The Resurgence Movie Promoting the UN World Government Agenda?

I was watching the trailer of the new release of the movie of Independence 2 the Resurgence coming out this weekend in Theaters. The movie is a sequel to the original movie released back in 1996 when they defeated an alien invasion from destroying earth by annihilation of the human race.

Former Secretary of State and globalist Henry Kissinger quoted:

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

Just looking at the present movie trailers of the upcoming sequel to the 1996 original independence day fulfills Henry Kissinger’s words is all nations submitting to the UN to protect earth from an Alien threat from outer space by forming a global force to fight enemies from outer space.

Is this movie being used to prime to people for an alien threat from outer space using project Blue-bean to stage an alien invasion from out space so we the people out of fear submit to the UN for protection? All I say is you be the judge and watch the trailers. Judging what I see so far. This movie is pretty frightening seeing how the New World Order is in trouble by anti globalist insurrections around the world. In order to get the world to submit to the fear of the unknown is a crisis. A staged alien invasion might be in the cards and the new Movie of independence Day could be the movie to prepare the public to accept the UN solution to save them from threats from outer space. The fear unknown with a solution we otherwise would not accept.

Do not be deceived. Watch the extended Clips to see what I mean about the UN Take over.

Open Letter to Donald Trump About Government Abusing Innocent Americans Since Sept 11,2001

Dear Mr Trump,


I am a supporter of your candidacy for President even though I have some disagreements about some policy stances you maybe for.

Ever since Sept 11, 2001. The congress passed legislation forming the TSA and passed the Patriot Act. Both bills President George W. Bush singed into law. Both bills now law have not caught one single terrorist. But these two laws have eroded the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. They have taken away the right of Due process when it comes to life, liberty and property. Due process of law no longer exist. Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the right to face your accusers?

The TSA has been caught stealing cash and personal property from travelers. Still the TSA has not found simulated bombs, guns explosives passing through airport security when the inspector General wanted to see if the screeners are doing their jobs. Still the TSA agents has all the time in the world to grope and harass the American citizen without a search warrant signed by a judge or probable cause instead looking for real threats profiling middle eastern people who have been proven to attack innocent people in the name of Allah.

The government is not going after Muslim extremist, The FBI investigations has been shut down at every turn like the couple in San Bernadino and the Orlando shooter before they could be stopped. The TSA is not allowed to frisk search Muslims and ladies wearing covering according to the Muslim faith at the airports before boarding a plane. At the same time Americans are humiliated by the TSA with groping and strip searches out in the open without probable cause. At the same time the US government is having foreigners from the middle east being flown in by Homeland security not having their passports checked or not passing through customs process. No health screening whatsoever for contagious diseases.  With a border wide open not secure. These are the very people doing the terrorist attacks on American soil shedding innocent blood. Not members of the NRA ,nor the bitter clingers Obama talks about who cling to their bibles and guns.

I know you tweeted about meeting with the NRA about no one being able to buy a gun on the terror watch list with the slightest inclination to terrorism. On the surface it sounds very well-meaning with good intentions trying to stop these blood thirsty Islāmic barbarians. Remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The truth is as long the border is wide open not being secured. They can smuggle weapons as well as drugs across the border with little or no trouble. How would a terror watch list work when the real criminal terrorist do not get their guns from normal lawful channels.

The truth is these terrorist watch list are useless is because the government will allow a known terrorist on this list go unhindered while not allowing a 18 month year old toddler from boarding an airplane because they are on the no fly terrorist watch list. Innocent Americans have been put on this No Fly list or a terrorist watch list without no trial or due process by an unaccountable and unelected bureaucrat. They do not know why they are put on the list. They do not know who put them on that list. Veterans who served honorably have been denied the right to keep and bear arms for every minute or remote possibility of mental illness by some VA bureaucrat with no trial to deem them adjudicated mentally ill by a judge.

The war on Terror gave the Government a license to abuse the American people while allowing the real terrorist to go free wreaking havoc all over America.  An excuse attacking the bill of rights making law-abiding Americans suspects as possible threats to national security while the real external threats are allowed to travel freely planning their next attacks on innocent Americans.

Mr Trump your statement saying that” That a person with the slightest inclination of terrorism should not be able to buy a gun.” This means you are in Obama’s camp on attacking the second amendment. Is this true? I would reconsider your position and read the bill of rights. Instead of restricting the rights of Americans in the name of keeping us safe. You need to tie the hands of the Federal government because they are abusing their power going after innocent Americans instead of the threats that seek to overthrow our republican form of government. When you have secret list and arbitrary rules  that punish the innocent Americans can not be allowed to defend themselves in a court of law.

Homeland Security already designated Gun owners, Christians, land right activist, Anti UN activist, returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, Ron Paul and Bob Barr supporters, Libertarians and all the political enemies to the present regime are now considered terrorist. Mr Trump, your supporters will be next on this very list. So do you want this secret extra-judicial list to deny the law-abiding Americans who support you from keeping and bearing arms, be barred from boarding a plane because of their political affiliations? All this with no due process of law having no judge or jury.

We Americans who pay taxes and work. We play by the rules and do not harm to others and their property. We try to live a life above reproach are sick and tired of being treated like criminals by our own government. When there is a terrorist attack because of government failure. Is the solution firing the bureaucrats who dropped the ball? No, they want to take away our God given liberties and give the inefficient and incompetent bureaucracy more power.

So Mr Trump instead of listening to the talking heads in the media and the career politicians who want to keep the status quo covering for the bureaucrats in these agencies. Tell these bureaucrats” Your Fired” and the TSA agents who abused Americans Hurting the Tourist industry because no one wants to fly and be harassed. Instead of giving more funds to the TSA who has not caught one single terrorist and allows guns and bombs to pass through the checkpoints. But has all the time to steal from travelers. Tell them “your fired” too like Reagan did for the striking air traffic controllers. We want the government to leave us alone and chase the bad guys and not harass us law abiding Americans.

Mr Trump if you want to make American Great again. We must be free first without any interference from government. We are not criminals looking for a fight or start trouble. We just want to be left alone.

George M Warm


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott? Time to Grab the Bull by the Horns Dealing with the Refugee and ISIS Problem.

I bet President Obama is laughing his ass off watching Texas AG Paxton and Gov Abbott file lawsuit after lawsuit. While waiting for a day in Federal court. The lawlessness doesn’t stop. The President keeps breaking the law putting Texans at risk with crime and diseases being brought in by these refugees from the Middle east, Mexico, Central America and South America. These people are not being screened about their criminal history nor having their health checked.

Amarillo is being plagued by refugees from Somalia and other middle eastern countries that bring crime and diseases. Why should the Governor be scared if he needs to use force and firm action? He has nothing to fear if he rounds up all these refugees not being vetted or being screened for contagious diseases and place them in a segregated area away from the law abiding population. An Idea is these state prisons that closed down not being used. Facilities still operational that can be activated. Habeas Corpus does not apply because as long these people are not vetted and nor checked for contagious diseases. Public health and safety is the reason. That is just cause to keep them incarcerated.

This President is working hard to wreak havoc on Texas and destabilize the population. He is hell bent on disarming the law abiding people their ability to defend themselves from the very barbarians he is bringing in. People who are alien to our way of life and cannot coexist with the people of Texas.

If the Governor does not want the crime wave and the rape epidemic like what is happening in western Europe from happening in Texas. He has to grab the bull by the horns and stop playing Obama’s game using the Federal courts who will most likely will not rule in Texas’s favor no matter how clear the law is. He has the law on his side and all the manpower he needs if the Governor calls on the armed population to assist him which he can legally do. Things might be different.

If the governor does not want what happened in San Bernadino and in Orlando being repeated. If he does not want Texas girls being raped and Sharia law in the Lone Star state. He will push back not through the courts and lawsuits. But using existing laws already on the books with the force necessary to back it up.

Obama is not afraid to use force to impose his will on us. Why should we be any different? They see our self restraint as weakness. Filing lawsuits is a waste of time and money. They exploit it every time we allow it to advance their inhumane agenda. How long will the Governor Allow watch his beloved state turn to hell in a hand basket waiting for his day in court? He needs to take action using the rule of law, not the rule of lawyers.

The enemies of the republic of Texas will not back off by reason and persuasion. Nor will they cease by a court ruling that favors Texas. It is by force and the willingness to use it that keeps the lawless in check. Gov Abbott, it is time to grab the bull by the horns and deal with the threat to Texas or you will be just like your predecessor Rick Perry who is ” All hat no cattle” Only time will tell.

The County Sheriff Vs. The Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

Things are really going crazy where common sense is no longer the guiding standard in our laws today. Political correctness has paralyzed dissent calling people bigots, racist, homophobic or a sexist to shut down debate. Currently, the bathroom ordinance could be the Waterloo being the beginning seeing the fall of Political correctness because it goes beyond violating common decency and personal dignity.

Where I work, and some major corporations are at present adopting policies saying they cannot deny a person who is not a woman but identifies themselves as a female can use the lady’s room. Their outdoor plumbing they were born with does not matter. Just as long they call themselves a woman is all that matters. I can see lawsuits mounting not only from the rouge Lesbian Gay groups funded by left wing foundations going after companies who want to keep bathrooms separate according to biological gender. Problems are already arising from female patrons or customers being violated confronting a transgender man in the lady’s room who scared a wife or some parent’s young daughter. Companies can be held liable for transgender bathroom policies regardless if it goes against existing state laws.  I say there should be lawsuits against these companies when their policies violate existing state laws against public decency and lewd behavior.

Where are the county sheriffs? The elected peace officer who answers to only the people who is the chief law enforcement officer from the county. These public servants are sworn to uphold the law over the land and keep the peace. The Sheriff can nullify city ordinances that violate state laws, especially if these ordinances infringe on a person’s right to privacy when using the public bathroom. If a State Department of Education Bureaucrat tells a school district. Declaring the school administration cannot deny a transgender male claiming to be a woman use of the lady’s locker rooms. The Sheriff can interpose themselves on the behalf of the lady students who do not want a male claiming to be a woman in their locker room. If that deviant pervert steps one foot in the lady’s locker room. The Sheriff should arrest them on the spot. Policies and ordinances do not trump state laws.

My advice is to females who oppose these transgender bathroom policies and ordinances. If a company says they cannot stop a transgender male from using the bathroom. Vote with you dollars and take your business somewhere else that recognizes males use the men’s room, and females use the lady’s room.

If the Police do not arrest a transgender male for using the public lady’s room because of a new city ordinance. Go to your county Sheriff and demand they put their foot down clarifying existing state laws that prohibit males going into the lady’s room based on them saying they are a woman. File criminal complaints against these perverts.

The Sheriff is there to protect the rights of their constituents. Even the Transgender male’s rights to free speech and the right to redress his grievances why he has a perceived right to use the lady’s room. However, when their behavior violates and causes harm to another. It is not a right, but an infringement on those who value their privacy using the public restrooms which is breaking existing state laws.

Hypothetically if the county Sheriff does not intervene to stop this insanity to protect the most innocent from harm. I can see the clients of Remington, Colt, Winchester, Smith and Wesson doing the job our law enforcement is too scared or refuses to do.

Wake Up Christians! Stop Being Deceived and Rebuke Ted Cruz for his Hypocrisy.


I admit. I voted for Ted Cruz for the US Senate twice. The first time was in the Republican Senatorial primary elections. The big reason was because I was mad at his opponent Lt Gov. David Dewhurst for his betrayal of the people of Texas. When he killed the TSA bill that would have stopped the unconstitutional groping at our airports. It does not matter what the Lt Governor said after that. I could not forgive him. He was a RINO who had to go. So I thought Ted Cruz was a good choice. Ron Paul and the Tea Party endorsed him. Now Ron Paul opposes him after the truth of the real Ted Cruz was revealed.


I did not know back then his wife works for the predator investment bank Goldman Sachs. Moreover, she is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and has worked for the disastrous trade deals that are sucking the life blood out of our economy.

I did not know Ted Cruz is in addition a Bush hack who worked under President George W. Bush.

I ask the Lord to please forgive me for being deceived and putting a heathen pretending to be a righteous man in office.


Jesus has warned us countless times in all the four gospels not to be deceived. In Matthew 7-16-18 KJV. Jesus said in an analogy that makes perfect sense to not so much pay attention to what Sen. Ted Cruz says, but his actions we ought to be watching according to this bible passage:

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Not so with Senator Ted Cruz who is running for President. He shows himself as an absolute hypocrite demonstrating behavior that is not Christian at all.

If Ted Cruz is a man of integrity or had some sense of honor. He would have disavowed the Republican Party in Colorado awarding him all the delegates without an election. Ever since he Declares himself as a devout true follower of Christ. He would have called on the people of Colorado to decide.

Since Ted Cruz took the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The text written in Article 4 Sec. 4 in our document says:

The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government.

He should have rebuked the GOP in Colorado knowing canceling the primary election is an attack on our Republican form of government. He should have rebuked the Republican Party Leadership for canceling the election to preserve our Constitution. He has sworn to uphold.

Self-righteous pious Christians who follow Ted Cruz, who is using the Bible to attack Donald Trump need to realize. The Self-made Billionaire is not hiding any skeletons in his closet. He does not evade the questions about his past affairs of adultery. He has repented and wants to defend the Republic. It is no big secret Donald Trump like the rest of us are fallen beings. His honesty is a breath of fresh air, which has the power structure scared,


If Ted Cruz is honoring God and the Teachings of Jesus.

He would not have his campaign staff send out the message by Twitter that Ben Carson is dropping out of the race minutes before the Iowa caucuses. The famous neurosurgeon is supposed to be a fellow brother in Christ. The Texas Senator stabbed him in the back instead.

Ted Cruz acting like an evangelist claiming to be a righteous leader. Using the tactic of the end justifies the means does not make it right to do. Stealing delegates and using underhanded dirty tricks does not wash with me. It should not with you either.

Attacking and accusing the Donald Trump campaign for bullying and mafia style tactics without any proof is the very thing the Ted Cruz campaign is doing to steal the elections by hook or by crook. This is something Jesus would not do.

It sounds like he is reading and following the book “Rules for Radicals”  by Saul Alinsky more than the the Bible.

If Ted is supposed to be trusted. He would not encourage his operatives to take delegates away from Donald Trump.

If he was a humble servant for Christ claiming to be trusted and being transparent to the voters. He would have come clean on his adulterous affairs in the past. Instead He will not admit if he cheated on his wife or not when the question was asked.

He would have not considered running for President since he is not eligible to run for President since he was born in Canada and not a natural-born American citizen.

If he is serious about upholding his oath to the Constitution of this United States with integrity. He should have remembered the words of Jesus when speaking about integrity saying in Matthew 5:37: KJV

But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

So far his behavior is not one of a sincere Christian, but more as a heathen as a two faced hypocrite saying one things and doing the opposite.

He is trying to attack the opposition. His operatives tried to get long time conservative icon President Phyllis Schlaffly of the Eagle Forum removed from office by influencing the board because she stands for Trump.

Ted Cruz can deny all he wants that he has nothing to do or and claims he has no control over his staff or his supporters using these gestapo tactics to twist arms and manipulate the process. To see his campaign people steal delegates and tell lies about Donald Trump and not denounce these practices says everything I need to know about the Texas Senator.

The obvious truth is in plain sight when Ted Cruz evades accountability. Ted Cruz can delegate authority in his campaign. Even so, he cannot delegate RESPONSIBILITY. He will have to answer for all this when it is all said and done.
It clearly shows he does not want to be accountable when he is caught pulling dirty tricks stealing delegates and being dishonest to the media concerning Donald Trump. He accuses the Trump campaign of the very things he does.

Wake up Christians and please think for yourself. Do not listen to what Glen Beck says or the other so-called Conservative talk-radio host being the water carrier for the establishment. Think for yourself and use discernment when making a judgement.

We all have faults and personal demons we have to deal with. We all sin daily. All we can do is repent and do better. We all stumble and make mistakes. We should neither condemn each other either when we stumble. None of us are perfect.

However, when Ted Cruz says he is the anointed one called by God to rule over us waving the Bible around. He is condemning people’s sins. He went to speak at a church that wants to execute homosexuals. Does Ted Know the law of Moses calls for stoning people committing adultery too? He is acting arrogant and pious citing scripture like he walks on water. We have seen politicians just like Ted Cruz claiming to be Christian conservatives betrays us when they go to Washington.

I am not saying you should vote for Donald Trump. I am saying to think twice before making a decision of your own conscience. All I am saying what Jesus says about the fruit of a person is be the standard making the right choice.

We need public servants who will do their best to work for the people above reproach. We do not need a person who claims to be a righteous man, but acts like a devil. Do not be afraid to make a moral judgement. God gave us brains and a mind. Use it or lose it.

Is the Ted Cruz Campaign Finally Imploding After The Latest Lies and Attacks on Donald Trump?


This Presidential campaign is supposed to about selling to the American people who will lead the nation for the next four to eight years. Seeing the Donald Trump event has postponed his campaign event because of left wing attacks on loyal Trump supporters. The onslaught effort by the media and Donald Trump’s opposition to demonize Donald Trump and his supporters went into a full attack mode. 
Soon after the Trump event was postponed because of security issues claiming to be Bernie Sanders supporters but were coordinated by Hillery Clinton’s operatives funded by George Soros trying to shut down the real opposition posing as Bernie Sanders supporters. The very leftist thugs doing the bidding for the establishment against who stands against the corrupt power structure. 

Right after the incidents took place. The media went into a frenzy blaming Donald Trump for the violence saying his rhetoric speaking out against open borders, illegal immigration and globalist-free trade deals that have killed jobs in America was the cause of the violence.

I can expect the leftist media to go on an all out barrage of negative publicity trying to smear Donald Trump. What I did not expect was what came out of Ted Cruz’s mouth on national television really shocked me when he contradicted himself being a defender of freedom and personal responsibility.

I was taken aback seeing to the same smear tactics by GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz claiming to be a defender of the Constitution. He has shown his authoritarian true colors to me. What I observed. He really gave the slogan in Texas as we say,All hat, no cattle“. Meaning his talk about being a staunch defender of our liberties are just empty shallow words.

Sen Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the violence in Chicago tells me he is not presidential. He has shown me he is not a statesman. He is a consummate politician, an opportunist trying to get votes. If Ted wanted to show his integrity being a genuine defender of the Constitution and the bill of rights as a real statesman. He should have defended Donald Trumps right to freedom of speech and the right to his supporters to come together to show support for Donald Trump. 

The Texas Senator should have defended Donald Trump’s speech if he agreed or disagreed with it. If he defended all speech popular and unpopular. He would have shown himself as a true statesmen. Instead, he missed a great opportunity to demonstrate good character standing up for the first amendment even if he opposes Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Ted really blew it as I see it.

I will defend Ted Cruz’s right to free speech and seeing him make a complete ass of himself on TV. With a right, comes responsibility and consequences too. The Texas Senator really threw his foot in his mouth.

The well-known Martial Arts celebrity and actor Chuck Norris was going to support Ted Cruz for President. Chuck now knowing that Ted Cruz was blaming Donald Trump for what went wrong. He withdrew his endorsement.

Jan Morgan, once a die-hard Cruz fan has also dropped her support for the Texas senator after seeing his dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Many people gave him a pass knowing his wife worked for Goldman Sachs.

They were willing to ignore his wife being a member of the council on foreign relations.
Many people were ready to forgive him for concealing a loan he received from Goldman Sachs to fund his Senate campaign.

Now it appears Ted Cruz has lost the support of law enforcement after blaming Trump for the Chicago chaos that happened before the campaign rally.

Many were desirous of looking the other way when the Cruz campaign tweeted shortly before the Iowa caucuses were about to start saying,Ben Carson has suspended his campaign“. A real cheap shot by the Cruz campaign.

Currently, Ted Cruz has been exposed as a neo con hack when the Bush dynasty comes to his aid. It is very obvious to me that this attack on freedom of speech in Chicago happened was planned to smear Donald Trump’s reputation. Ted is blaming Donald Trump’s freedom of speech for provoking the violence was the last straw by many voters. Ted Cruz should have known better after what happened to the Trump supporters.

Since Cruz is not holding the thugs attacking the Trump supporters and destroying property accountable. He might have destroyed the last vestige of credibility of being a constitutional conservative not defending those he may disagree by not speaking out for their right to freedom of speech.

Ted Cruz might not recover or regain any trust after he shown his true nature to the voters as a neo con Trojan horse deceiving the voters posing as a constitutionalists.

Donald Trump is right calling out Ted being a liar. Donald is now vindicated thanks to Ted opening up his big mouth.

Now that Ted Cruz went along with the talking points of the establishment. He has lost the moral high ground. We might see a mass exodus of supporters going out to support Donald Trump because of Ted Cruz,

I see this might be the catalyst that is accelerating the implosion of the Ted Cruz’s campaign.

Do you agree?


Donald Trump Exposing Sept 11th. What is Next He Should Do? I have Some Ideas.

It has appeared the establishment in the power structures are scared that GOP Candidate Donald Trump says he will release the 28 page document exposing who did the attacks on Sept 11, 2001. To me I hope the Billionaire Businessman has more than one reason to expose the attacks the brought down the World trade center.

It is my hope he will not stop by just exposing what happened on Sept 11th bring down the Bush and Clinton political dynasties. I want to see this being a catalyst to start undoing the damage done at home and our reputation abroad of how the world see us. Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights are hanging by a thread. I hope Mr. Trump views the Constitution as the cornerstone to greatness of our beloved republic and not just a G** D*** piece of paper that stands in the way of tyrants who seek to dominate the people.

Do not let Sen. Ted Cruz take the high ground saying he will uphold the Constitution when he has failed to show it. He has voted to extend the Patriot Act which is unconstitutional.

Here is what I want to happen after the fraud of Sept 11th is exposed.

To put an end to the illegal wars we have started in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of going after the evil doers who attacked America.  We had drones attack on wedding parties in sovereign nations. We have pushed war with Iran and toppled the leader in Iraq and Libya. We are in Syria violating International law that has not threatened us or attacked us our country. Sept 11 was the excuse for the Military industrial complex to influence Congress and the White House to send our children to war for corporate interest. President Eisenhower’s worst fear he predicted in his farewell address of the ” Disastrous rise of misplaced power of the Military industrial complex” has come true. I hope Donald Trump if he becomes President stands up to the war profiteers who make munitions and weapon systems for war. I hope he investigates KBR and Halliburton for the waste and fraud during the Iraq war and how they poorly served our military in the combat zones. We do not need anymore of our children going to war for the Military industrial complex. “War is a racket” as Gen. Smedley Butler said.

I like to see a President Trump dismantle or scale back the Department of Homeland Security who has turned their sights on the America people as the perceived enemy. Where the most mundane activity can now be considered an act of terrorism. Where politically supporting the opposition to those in power or being for the Constitution is now a national security threat. At the same time our border is wide open with illegal aliens from all over the world who have an agenda to bring down the west are ignored with the red carpet rolled out for them.

To end the Transportation Security Administration. The police State has been a reality after September 11, 2001. We cannot travel with dignity. The TSA has people working at the airports Donald Trump would not hire to scrub toilets in port-o-potties on his Golf Resorts. If the TSA ran his security detail in at his hotels. They put him out of business sending this man straight to the poorhouse paying lawsuits by those harmed. As a result after the fact. No one would want to be groped or risking having their luggage and cash robbed just to spend a night at his resorts if the TSA ran security.

Many international flights now bypass stops in the United States because the TSA’s evasive tactics. The TSA has hurt the tourist industry in this country. The people who work for the TSA are known sex offenders and aggravated felons. These TSA agents have been caught stealing cash and people’s property searching luggage without a search warrant or probable cause. The TSA is a creation based on the lie of Sept 11th which must be abolished.

I know Donald Trump has concerns about the veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan by the lack of care they are given by the VA. Mr Trump must not ignore the old veterans who are mistreated by the TSA when they go to honor their fellow Fallen in Pearl Harbor or at the Beaches of Normandy. I am talking about older veterans in wheelchairs forced to be strip searched who pose no threat to no one. Mr Trump should share this outrage not only about our young veterans. But how the TSA mistreats the older veterans who served in battle with honor and courage. How this government shows disdain to these warriors of the greatest generation. Mr Trump should capitalize too on because the  TSA is on America’s Sh** List.

Donald Trump ought to know that allowing airlines to protect their passengers as well as their airplanes is more effective than the TSA.  The TSA has been so ineffective allowing guns and simulated bombs to pass through security checks. Would Donald Trump hire these people to handle security at his campaign events? The Donald Trump I read about would not fund incompetence, inefficiency or failure. I hope if he has his way with the TSA he will say to these goons” You’re Fired”

Donald Trump hires professional security staff at his resorts who are effective protecting the hotel guest and the property without the evasive tactics infringing on people’s personal rights without probable cause. I hope Donald Trump turns back over the security to the airlines knowing his example how he hires his security details at his resorts knowing what he expect from them is more effective than a government boondoggle going out of control.

The TSA wants to go beyond the airports. The are now in Grey Hound bus stations and Amtrak train Depots groping people crotches. There have been reports they are riding on city buses. The TSA wants to set up highway checkpoints like in NAZI Germany or the Old Soviet Union on our interstates. The TSA also wants to put a system in place where an employer is not allowed to hire a person unless they have the seal of approval of the  government through the TSA. This kind of system can be used for wide spread abuse to economically attack political enemies. E-verify has been used to blackball a few people seeking employment who have no criminal record. The TSA must be abolished Mr Trump if we are to be great again.

What about the No fly list? What about restoring the right to due process where a person put on the no fly list without knowing who classified him or her as a threat and why.  If we have a President Trump, he must allow the people right to due process when they are denied the liberty to travel with the right to recourse if put on this list arbitrarily . The no fly list has been abused by the US government by those claiming to keep us safe. It is time to restore due process of the law if a person has committed no crime being put on this list. He or she should not be denied the right to fly by some arbitrary rule that denies the right of a person to defend themselves, confront their accuser who made such allegations.

To repeal the Patriot Act and the NDAA. This draconian legislation that was passed right after Sept 11th was based on fear that if we do not give up our liberties. We will not be safe. The right to a writ of Habeas Corpus is suspended where a person is being detained indefinitely without being charged with a crime based on vague evidence without the right to counsel . As a result we are not threatened by Al Qaeda or ISIS. We are more in danger of government abuse because on this phony war on terror based on the fraud of Sept 11th. Government is the threat, not terrorist from the middle east.

Looking back in history. People in the weather underground and the FLAN terrorist groups who bombed police stations and killed police officers were prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated without a Patriot act. Law enforcement did not need special authority to violate the 4th Amendment. Search warrants were issued by a judge based on probable cause. Good police work brought these terrorist to justice based on due process. Not the Patriot act. The domestic terrorist all had a jury trial of their peers and the right to assistance of counsel. The Bill of Rights was upheld.

If Donald Trump wants my vote and the Rand and Ron Paul’s people to be in his corner. He must talk about exposing Sept 11 not only to point out the fraud used to start wars. To also say this event was used as an excuse to steal our liberties and destroy the Bill of Rights. He needs to make the declaration that the Bill of Rights will be upheld.

If Donald Trump wants to make America great again. Personal freedom is the cornerstone of prosperity. If we are not free. We can not pursue happiness.

If we the people are not left alone because the government is looking over our shoulder seeing how we spend our money, who we choose to  be with and how we live our lives. We will not be a great nation. We will be a despotic nation.

Donald Trump must declare that exposing Sept 11 is not just about calling out the Clinton and Bush White House for their inaction to allow the attacks on the World trade Center to go forward knowing the plot beforehand.  It must be exposed showing the establishment’s plan to take away our God-given rights in the name if the war on Terror.

Than he can use his political capital to dismantle the Police State erected using the excuse of what happened on 9-11-2001.

Without freedom. America will not be great. I hope Donald is listening to me.